DNA PRESENTS 2013–2014 Performance Season

Tickets Go On Sale

August 1

Tickets may be purchased online, by calling 212.625.8369, or on site two hours before curtain. Cost is $17 for general audiences, $14 for members and advanced sales. Discounted tickets are available by phone for groups of six or more. All sales are final. Season tickets and other promotional packages are also available.

DNA PRESENTS Season Launch Party

September 17
Tickets: $20

Join us as we kick off our 2013–2014 Season with a celebration with art happenings, performances by season artists, food, drinks, and plenty of dancing! DNA Artists in Residence bookend the evening – Dister jumpstarts the evening at 7:00pm with his international project I Love My Hood, complete with exhibition dance battles, graffiti art, live art and spoken word. Monstah and Manchild Black bring Brooklyn’s notorious Astro Disco to our theater from 9:00pm to 11:00pm close out the evening with their party savvy and performative DJ skills.

The A.O. Movement Collective

October 25–26
Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

DNA AIR and BEAM artist Sarah A.O. Rosner of the A.O. Movement Collective presents the world premiere of the ETLE Universe. This queer/feminist cyborg-time-travel epic party will feature pop-up performances from the Universe’s 30+ collaborators and the AOMC corps performers. As part of the premiere, the collective will also unveil the project’s interactive crowdsourcing web platform and offer a keynote address from Sarah A.O. Rosner, immersive experiences, audience abductions and more. This premiere launches the AOMC’s ETLE Universe, which will produce a constellation of 10 works over the next two years.

In January the AOMC will launch ETLE immersive (a 6-month interactive multimedia/IRL game), and invade DNA’s gallery with the opening of the ETLE Universe’s photography exhibit.

Aynsley Vandenbrouke

November 1–2
Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

Vandenbroucke’s performance, Same Room begins with a twisted docent tour of the DNA dance studios and devolves from there. Five invited theorists from different fields and five choreographers present short sections of finished work. These works are not created together but are performed simultaneously, in pairs. Dances and lectures comment on, debate, and negate one another. Aesthetically and philosophically problematic by design, the performance invites a productive intersection of topics such as abstraction, meaning, translation, formalism, and the human body as object.

thefeath3rtheory | raja feather kelly

November 7–9
Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

the feath3r theory Presents: Andy Warhol’s DRELLA (I love you Faye Driscoll): a movement-based drag performance essay, inspired by Warhol’s contradiction of Dracula and Cinderella. The U.S. premiere of DRELLA combines repetition, iconography and cinema with uncensored, immature and highly rambunctious movement, text and video (loosely based on fiction). The performance focuses on raja feather kelly’s relationship to Warhol’s Drella, and his interpersonal relations and experiences with the concept of persona. It is one of many in-development iterations from a series that will mature into a DNA-produced Artist in Residence final staging of the feath3r theory presents: WHO’S AFRAID OF ANDY WARHOL? Raja Feather Kelly began development of DRELLA as one of the Bates Dance Festival’s 2013 Emerging Choreographers.

Catherine Galasso

October 5 (developmental showing)
Tickets: $7

November 22–24 (premiere)
Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

In her second AIR year, DNA Artist Catherine Galasso will present Fall of the Rebel Angels Study #8, the eighth chapter of her current multi-year project based on the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens. The evening-length chapter, independent from the final project and created specifically for DNA’s theater, will feature five performers, an original score by Adam Bach (sampling and distorting pieces by the Baroque composer Claudio Monteverdi), and a narrative through-line co-written with filmmaker and visual artist Brent Green.

LateNite @ DNA: Victoria Libertore

December 5–7
Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

Victoria Libertore returns for the fifth year in a row with the always sold-out Liza and Friends’ Winter Cabaret and her much loved Liza Minnelli impersonation. Life is a cabaret, and this one is both classy and provocative challenging preconceptions of gender, sexuality, sobriety and reality. Libertore curates artists with backgrounds in theater, dance, comedy, music and always a few surprises. Be prepared to laugh and smile so hard that your face hurts. DNA’s LateNite series gives a voice to artists working within the mediums of performance art, burlesque and experimental theater.

a canary torsi | Yanira Castro

December 18
Tickets: $7

Court/Garden is a new dance by a canary torsi that investigates experiential shifts in an audience’s engagement with a dance: proximity, frame, participation. In August 2012 as part of DNA’s AIR program, the cast of Court/Garden studied with renown Baroque practitioner and teacher, Catherine Turocy, to learn an early Baroque dance, Il Canario or The Canary. The group then had an intensive residency at MANCC to deconstruct The Canary and reframe it within the context of Court/Garden–a dance that plays with strict formalism inside a structure in which the audience’s relationship to the event is in constant flux. At this lecture/demonstration, Castro and Turocy return to DNA to share with audiences the research they have explored together, how it has come together to make a contemporary dance and excerpts of Court/Garden as a work-in-progress. Through choreographer Yanira Castro’s contemporary lens, a canary torsi looks at theatrical conventions to consider their role in the experience of today’s audience.

Mark Lamb Dance

January (date TBD)
Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

When Executive Director of Dance New Amsterdam Catherine Peila asked choreographer and storyteller Mark Lamb to be a part of an ongoing discovery of identity, outsider/visionary artists and Americana, he never realized the odyssey that would ensue. Peila charged Mark with the mission to find an undiscovered visionary artist in his native South. The woman he found is Mary T. Carson Clements, who happens to be the biological daughter of noted folk artist Zephra May Miller. The slice of “Americana” program will feature Mary’s artwork and Mark’s choreography. Music will be composed and played by the incomparable folk singer/songwriter Terre Roche.

Spectrum Festival

January 7–19

In conjunction with APAP and ISPA, the Spectrum Festival is an organization-wide festival offering performances, showings, discounted classes, panel discussions, gallery exhibits and more by DNA’s diverse family of artists. Last year’s inaugural weeklong festival, with performances by over 38 different choreographers, was such a success that DNA is expanding this year’s festival to span two weeks. A complete schedule of artists and events will be announced in the fall.

LateNite @ DNA: Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

January 10–11 and 17–18
Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

Continuing his curatorial exploration of showcasing artists whose work focus within the creative spheres of genre distortion, eroticism, and the presence of the underground in American live performance, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko returns to DNA as a LateNite guest curator (and 2013/14 Artist in Residence). Part of the annual Spectrum Festival, this year’s platform will incorporate a wild collection of experimental dance theater, boylesque and performance artists based throughout the Eastern Corridor.

Monstah Black

January 30–February 1
Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

DNA Artist in Residence and BEAM artist Monstah Black creates a new series of works, in the world premiere of Cassiopeia. Fusing glitz and glamour with a gypsy-punk-funk flare, Monstah Black delivers a spectacular event that blurs the line between Fashion Show, Dance/Rock Concert and Happening. His revived performance ensemble, The Sonic Leroy, collectively uses inspiration from the constellation and Greek mythology behind Cassiopeia to deliver a multi-sensory happening featuring Monstah Black’s style brand, RompahMonstah.

Kendra Portier

February 6–8
Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

BANDkp’s Artistic Director Kendra Portier explores working with a highly physical and aggressive group in the U.S. premiere of The Devil Anse. Inspired by the Hatfield-McCoy feud, the work explores the individual versus herd-mentality, loneliness due to social expectation/standard and the fine line between attraction and expulsion. Portier is interested in the moments that blur consequent apology, defense, and growth; in how pride is frequently the enemy of better judgment; and how friction causes spark that brightens the darkness versus. This work was created, in part, with support from Bates Dance Festival and with support from the DNA Artist in Residence program.

RAW Directions

February 20–22
Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

RAW Directions supports up to four mid-career choreographers with more than ten years of professional choreographic experience who are interested in re-examining their artistic process. In support of their artistic examinations, Dance New Amsterdam offers selected artists a small commission, an artist fee, discounted and free rehearsal space, a peer artistic consultant, informal and formal showings and marketing and production support. A culminating public performance invites audiences to be part of the artists’ process as they share their investigations and engage in dialogue about the work.

Bill Shannon

March (date TBD)
Shifting our perspective inside of environments, DNA Artist in Resident Bill Shannon returns to DNA’s Lobby Gallery with an immersive world premiere video installation during the month of March. Additional events in connection with the installation will be announced at a later date.

Ori Flomin

May 15–17
Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

DNA teaching artist and new Artist in Residence Ori Flomin presents a new piece that explores the exhilaration of dancing at a young age. Drawing from early memories of dance, Flomin ignites the spark and freshness of youth into older, more experienced bodies. Danced by six dancers, the untitled world premiere will evolve between solos and group interactions that showcase how personal history and background affect our identity.

Performance Mix Festival

May 27–31
Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

A co-presentation of DNA and New Dance Alliance, DNA’s theater will be home to New Dance Alliance’s 28th annual Performance Mix Festival: a presentation of local, national and international emerging and seasoned artists who challenge the definition of dance.

Daniel Clifton

February 15 (developmental showing)
Tickets: $7

June 5–7 (world premiere)

Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

Dance artist and musician Daniel Clifton will be working with Composer Sam Crawford on his currently untitled evening length work. Clifton creates portraits of people and their relationships to one another: their stories, interactions, inner and external dialogues and conflicts and resolutions. He reveals moments in time through bodies, movement, photos, words, music, and videos. The work is cinematic, dramatic, and emotional, with a sense of irony.

RAW Material

June 13–14
Tickets: $17 general, $14 members and advanced

RAW Material has been supporting new and emerging artists since 2000. RAW Material will support the work of up to six new and emerging choreographers who wish to gain more choreographic experience. DNA will provide an artistic advisor, marketing and production support, a small artist fee, 3 informal showings, discounted and free rehearsal space, a marketing workshop and panel feedback on application materials leading up to two performances of new 10-minute works in DNA’s theater.